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Very Chocolate Cake in Marshmallow Fondant -part III

Designing Fondant Cake without the fondant tools.

This is the last of a three-part post on my Very Chocolate Cake in Marshmallow Fondant, the first ever fondant cake I made (and hopefully not the last). I wrote about the recipe I used for the Very Chocolate Cake and How to make Marshmallow Fondant (MMF) and now I would like to share how I designed the cake. It is not perfect of course but not bad for a beginner if I may say so myself. ūüėČ and hopefully¬†it can help those who are also thinking of giving fondant cake a try because it is so much fun!

Well I was given only a week to make this cake and I really did not (and still do not) have the proper tools for designing fondants and it will be too late anyway  if I order them online and because fondant cakes are really rare here in Germany we were not able to find them in any of the stores or supermarkets around. So I just had to improvise and make do with what I have at home.

Here are the makeshift tools I used for this cake:

makeshift fondant tools
fondant molding ball tool fondant molding stick tool fondant flower forming cups

To make the small fondant flower:

Roll out fondant to about 2-3mm thin. Cut out 5 circles for the petals. Pinch each petal a bit  at one side. Assemble the petals by overlapping the edge of one over the other and using a bit of water to glue them together. Using a toothpick, press  inside the  middle of each petal to create  creases. With royal icing glue a  sugar pearl on the middle of the flower. Let it dry and harden before using.

how to make fondant simple flower

To make the bigger ruffled fondant flower:

Cut 3 circles  in different sizes. Using a round object, in my case the measuring spoon, press the edges to make them thinner. If you have a foam pad, use it  as it will make it easier and it will not stick on the surface as you press. Run a barbecue stick or toothpick along the edges to create the ruffles. Place it in your drying mold and repeat the steps above on the other circles.  Place the next on top of the other and glue them together with bit of water.

how to make fondant ruffled flower

Brush Embroidery on Fondant Cake:

Place some white or colored royal icing on your piping bag and using a very small tip, draw flowers or other patterns on your fondant cake. Start with one petal at a time as the royal icing dries too fast sometimes and you will not be able to work with it then. Using a square tip brush, gently brush lines from the icing towards the center. Clean the brush with water often to create clean and more distinct lines. Let it dry for some minutes.

You may also draw or print patterns on a tracing paper and cut it then lay it on the surface of your fondant cake you want to design, Using a needle, poke holes along the pattern to serve as a guide for your drawing.


how to make fondant brush embroidery

Now here is the final result of my Very Chocolate Cake in Marshmallow Fondant

golden wedding cake 2 golden wedding cake 1


Bebs here! I love to cook and try new things and DIY projects! And although I think of myself as a homebody, I like seeing other places from time to time.
If you are looking for a recipe and it ain't here, make a request and I will try my best to make it for you!

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  1. Your cake and flowers look amazing. I’m new to working with fondant. I made my first-ever 3-ingredient fondant but I don’t have any fondant tools to create. I did a search for what I could use in place of fondant tools and your terrific tutorial came up. Thank you for such great recommendations!

    1. No specific ratio, Peter. Different kind of food color acts differently. I’ve tried powder, liquid and gel color and the amount also varies on how deep or how light you want the color to be.

  2. Hi,this is a really nice way to make flowers without the tools. I will be using some of these ideas definitely????

  3. Thanks Giovanna! I’ll tell you a secret then, I tend to stick to simple things first and try out the more difficult stuff when I got the hang of it, I think that builds confidence!:-) Oh and I can’t seem to perfect piping a rose! But I still try…hope you won’t give up too!

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