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Hong Kong Trip 2011

A few days after our stay on the island of Pandan, Bebs had to go to Hong Kong to attend a week-long seminar/ annual meet-up at the HQ of her company. That meant for me that I had to spend the whole day all alone in a megacity, oh dear! So far, for me, Munich and Berlin were the largest cities I had ever visited. Berlin has an area of 890 km², but only 3.5 million inhabitants…HK compared to it has 7.2 million citizens on just 1.1 km² … the pure craziness!

I grew up in the countryside, I love nature, I like it calm and without the hustle and bustle. I don`t mind being surrounded by a crowd, but do not really like it.

Oh well, now I am here … so I will have to make the best out of it ;-)!

From the airport to HK, we rode a double-decker bus, the trip with the view of the huge container ports, bridges and satellite towns was already very interesting.

On the way to Hong Kong

The next day I accompanied Bebs from our hotel Harbor Plaza North Point to her company building in Taikoo Place and I decided to walk to the city center. First down to Causeway Bay, then to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, a building with a very appealing architecture. Then I went to the Central Piers, with an impressive view of/to the 412m high Two International Finance Center Tower.

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Two International Finance Center Tower

After that, I walked around in the inner city, got sometimes a bit lost and then I was going down to the underground to find “home”. The subway system that is aptly called Mass transit railway (MTR) because it is indeed used by a mass of people all the time.

Even though I rarely use public transportation, I quickly found out, how the time table and the system is working. In contrast to the Philippines, I am not very noticeable there, since quite a lot of different foreigners were on the road, it is really ‘multikulti’. In the Philippines, as a “long nose”, they are looking at you in a curious way, from the kids sometimes I got occasionally a cheerful “Hey Joe”, although a “Hey Fritz” would probably fit better ;-).

From the Central Station, I drove back to North Point Station and then picked up Bebs. We are in the evening with her colleague/friend at the Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon City going by the MRT. There was a lively activity, there were many colorful and very cheap things to look at and also to buy. Not exactly my world, but the ladies liked it very much ;-).


Armin with hat

When we were finally back in the hotel, my feet were hurting from all the walking, but the impressions made up for everything. I could not have imagined it, but I like HK already.


Hong Kong Buildings

The next day, after dropping Bebs, I went directly to the MRT from Quarry Bay to Kowloon Station to watch the 484m high International Commerce Center Tower. Impressive for me, to stand directly under a giant like this.

International Commerce Center Tower

Next I went to the Former Kowloon-Canton Railway Clock Tower, and from there passing by the Museum of Art, going to the Avenue of Stars. Most of the stars except Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee I don`t know, but the view to HK and the Victoria Peak was already worth it.

Hong Kong-Museum of Art

Hong Kong-Avenue of Stars

And just like that, another day has passed and my honey and I only had a little time left together, which we spent with small excursions or restaurant visits.

The last days I spent mainly in the city center, in Hong Kong Park, which I liked very much and also at the underground city with all the malls and boutiques.

Hong Kong-Armin and Bebs

On one evening I went up to Victoria Peak, it was very cold, so around 7 ° C and it was very foggy. But there was a special reason for this … I’ve been planning it for a long time and despite this uncomfortable weather, I asked Bebs if she wanted to become my wife. OK, the weather was really bad and it was too cold for a romantic atmosphere, but I was sticking to my plan..and she said “Yes”..hehe..!

Hong Kong-Night walk

Sorry for the bad quality…haha


After our stay in Hong Kong we flew back to the Philippines and unfortunately, I had to go back home at wintry Germany. The hardest thing was, to get separated from Bebs for some months :-(.



Hi I'm Armin! The husband of Bebs. I am also her food tester and best customer, photo critic and helper, travel buddy and sometimes the handyman.
I would also be around here from time to time writing about our travel adventures together.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your recipes and travel experience. You inspired me to do things out of my comfort zone. Your instructions and videos are all easy to follow. More power and happy cooking!!!!!

    From Windy City,

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