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Our Batangas weekend getaway...

A few months, ago I thought already about it, how and where to celebrate my 50th birthday. I would like to celebrate with my honey in the Philippines on a beach without its hustle and bustle. At that time I didn't know that the Philippines will be my new home and I will no longer return to Germany after the usual vacation.


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About 2 weeks before, we have looked at a few eligible resorts and hotels on the Internet, the condition was that it is easy to reach by car and the journey does not take too long. In addition, it should be classy (or classier than our usual accommodations) fitting the occasion, but still affordable for us. To make it worthwhile, we have decided to spend at least 2 nights there.

Ultimately, we chose the Canyon Cove Hotel & Spa, also because there was a promo offer from Agoda(Affiliate). 

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Unfortunately, the hotel was booked out on one of the days, so we chose the Matabungkay Beach Resort and Hotel, that is not so far from the Canyon Cove ... and there was also a promo offer.

The journey started from San Fernando Pampanga across Manila. It was the second time I drove through Manila. For me as a boy from the countryside, it was something special. I will not call it driving actually... haha ... it was more of a stop and go anyway .. haha...traffic was so terrible! Well, this time it was not that bad. The first time I drove (or parked) through Manila, going to Laguna, we needed 8 hours for 140 km, ok, it was on a holiday, to be honest.

Map from San Fernando, Pampanga to Matabungkay, Batangas

After leaving Manila behind, it was actually quite fast, except for a few towns and cities with the usual traffic jams, of course. We drove the R-1 and then the Nasugbu-Ternate Highway through the Palay National Park. It is really beautiful there and the roads are very curvy, which of course I really enjoyed. When we reached the Kaybiang Tunnel, I wondered about the many people stopping there taking pictures. But in the Philippines, tunnels are a bit rare and it seems to be a tourist attraction there, after all, it is the longest tunnel in the Philippines with 300 meters.


On the other side of the tunnel, we had a great view of the sea. There was a small sari-sari store where we indulged a fresh coconut. Afterwards, we drove further towards Nasugbu and then through Lian, where we reached the Matabungkay Beach Resort after a short time. Altogether that was 190km and just over 5 hours travel time.


After arriving at Matabungkay Beach resort and checking-in to our deluxe suite, we are off to explore the area. The beach is clean and quiet, the water is very shallow. There are several bamboo rafts nearby that can be rented for a full day.




Also for water sports enthusiasts, there are lots of activities, such as jetski, banana boat, kayaks, helmet diving etc. But we only had a walk on the beach and then went to the bar afterward. After a drink, we decided to have dinner. The restaurant impressed us with its very high wooden ceiling and with the wind it was very airy and pleasant.

The dinner was quite generous and tasted very good. The premises were not very new but overall still left a good impression.




The next morning we are off again and after checking out at 12  we took some pictures and drove around 1 PM towards Wawa,Nasugbu where our next destination is.



At about 15 o'clock we arrived at the Canyon Cove, we got a Superior King room in the main building and the view from the balcony was quite nice.



After we settled in the room, we went again on a discovery tour. Arriving at the beach, the first thing that stood out was the inflatable watercourse.


The long sandy beach was quite nice and the pool was very attractive. Of course, there are many children in the pool during the day, but in the evening it was almost empty. There is another, but a smaller pool, in which actually nothing was going on.



After our little tour, we went to check the restaurant and decided to indulge in a cheesecake that was really delicious.


Then we had a small afternoon nap ... I just got 50 years old on that day and at this advanced age you need enough recovery periods

In the late afternoon, we sat outside and there was this live barbecue, so we chose a few delicious things, which were then cooked on the grill.




The evening passed quickly and the next day we got up relatively early to take some pictures and fly the drone.



After checking out, we drove to Manila China Town, because we have bought a few things there.




Hi I'm Armin! The husband of Bebs. I am also her food tester and best customer, photo critic and helper, travel buddy and sometimes the handyman.
I would also be around here from time to time writing about our travel adventures together.

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  1. Great article and blog! I've never been to batangas and seeing these pictures makes me want to include batangas on my list. I love every pictures listed above. They are so beautiful and it looks stunning! Super belated happy birthday to you Armin! Keep on blogging guys!

  2. Can I still enjoy the beauty of Batangas for a 2 days and one night short trip only? May I ask if you can give me a draft total budget for that kind of trip? Thank you.

  3. Hi, Bebs and Armin! Great pictures! And belated happy birthday, Armin! I always look forward to seeing new posts from your site! My family and I are going to the Philippines next year. It will be my husband's first visit ( he is British Canadian) there. Now Batangas will be definitely on the itenerary! Take care!

    1. Hi Rose, thank you for the birthday greeting. Where will you be staying in the Philippines then? Maybe we can recommend other places as well!

      1. Hi again, Armin & Bebs! I came from Laguna. We are going to stay at my parents. Coron and Batangas will be definitely on the list ( thanks to your posts)! My hubby loved the pictures you took from Coron! Please let me know the places you've been to. My hubby loves the beach! Thank you!

        1. Hi Rose, unfortunately, I never was in Coron before, maybe you mean Corong Corong beach near El Nido?..but Coron is in our bucket list! We were also before in Bohol, Camiguin, Bantayan, Pandan Island! You can read about some of it on our travel section! Have a great staying in the Philis then!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Bebs! Wishing you more birthdays to come. It's nice to know you're here in the Philippines now.

    1. Hi Peachy, it was my birthday but anyway thanks for the birthday wishes. We are hoping to talk to you soon about blogging in the Philippines. Actually, it was Lalaine`s (Kawalingpinoy) advice to get in touch with you! Regards..Armin! Bebs says "Hi" too 😉

  5. Happy big 5-O! You don't look a day over 30. Those photos are wonderful and it looks like you had a great time. So, are you staying there for good? You said at the beginning you won't be returning to Germany...

    1. Hi Jas, thanks for the birthday wish and you are making me blush. 😉 Yes, we are staying in the Philippines now..hopefully for good. Looking forward to discovering the Philippines now..! Danke nochmals und hab ne gute Zeit...

  6. Happy birthday Armin! You are now officially the new Golden Filipino - German Boy!
    On behalf of the Filipinos, we thank you for embracing our culture and tradition esp. being a wonderful, caring, loving, hardworking better half of our sister, Bebs. We are very happy coz both of you, Armin and Bebs, are making a huge difference in culinary arts by sharing your experiences and blogs, esp. the extraordinary recipes that we are so blessed to try and enjoy them with our family and friends. We tried recipes but it never got to the passing grade unlike your recipes, it surpassed the excellent grade! Furthermore, everyone are all smiles with a feeling of being blessed with God's graces. Oh what a heavenly feeling. Once again, thank you. Happy birthday Armin and may God bless you and Bebs with God's love, peace, joy, protection, wisdom, strength, and abundant graces! Peace be with you always.

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment and the birthday greeting, Bebs and I are happy that you`re enjoying the recipes and also our personal travel reports. I´m really thankful, that I`m able to be in the Philippines together with my beloved wife. We are looking forward to see more of the many beautiful places here in the Philippines. Thanks again for supporting us and Foxy Folksy!

  7. Hi there Bebs! I enjoyed so much of your adventure. It is really nice just to drive around and go places with someone dear to you. I also like going to beaches without so much hassle of packing big luggages and more flying. I like the resorts you went to, especially the one with the watercourse, fun for kids and kids-at-heart.

    I hope one day I will also be able to go home with my love and enjoy some of the many beautiful beaches in the Philippines. Thank you that you mentioned Agoda, where you availed of the promo package they have. I might have to check them out too! ????????????

    I’ll be looking forward for more of your travels and blogs!

    Have a great vacation!

    1. Hi Ara! We're glad you enjoyed the article. Yup, it is nice having short trips now and then without so much fuss. I really hope you can visit and see the Philippines with your loved ones and soon! ????

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