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Rustic Flower Vases from Mason Jars

Overtime, I have collected a lot of glass bottles and mason jars from buying various food stuff like preserved fruits, jams, sausages, wines, sauces and condiments. Although, here in Germany, all glasses are sorted separately(also by color) to be recycled, it just didn`t feel right throwing these bottles and glasses away. But the problem is, our cupboards are becoming full of these empty bottles and jars…so I guess it’s time to make them useful. One is the simplest way to repurpose mason jars are to make them into  flower vases.

Here you will see I used 3 jars of same size and shape but, I think,  it would also be nice to use jars with  varying sizes. I tied twines (string) around the mouth of the jars to give them that rustic look and hanged some glass beads at the ends  for an extra touch. To give it color, I put some black and white pebbles we have lying around the house (from another home project).

I just pick some spring flowers to complete the set-up.  They are great table centerpiece or just line them on top of a shelf to add color to any room.

mason jar flower vase (2)

mason jar flower vase (1) mason jar flower vase (5) mason jar flower vase (4) mason jar flower vase



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