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Easter Egg Candles for Table Centerpiece

Now, this is an easy and fun project for Easter. Make some Easter egg candles for your Easter table centerpiece.

easter table centerpiece

The Materials: 

I used plain white candle sticks but you can also use any or collect leftover candle wax.

I was also putting away some eggshells from soft boiled eggs we had for breakfast some days ago for this project.  

As for the candle wicks, I simply used a cotton twine which I have lying around.  And some toothpicks to hang them on.

And some toothpicks to hang them on.


The Steps:

Chop candle into small chunks using a knife. Place them in a glass or metal bowl that can be heated. 

Then cut some cotton twine in the length of your eggs and them some. Tie one end of the twine on a toothpick and place it on top of the egg crater so that the twine is hanging at the center with the other end touching the bottom of the eggshell.

Put some water in a saucepan or small pot and place the bowl of chopped candles in it. 

Bring the water to boil and wait until the candle wax melts completely. Remove pieces of wicks that would sit at the bottom of the bowl. 

Immediately pour the melted wax into the prepared eggshells. Let the wax pass through the cotton twine. Let them cool down and harden. Lastly, cut the twine just below the knot.

Cut the bottom of the cups of an egg tray to use as stands or holder. Add some small potted plants or plants some in egg shells to complete the table centerpiece.

Try this easy Easter Egg Candle for Table Centerpiece project!



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