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Paris Trip 2014

Paris, the City of Love!

This is the second time Armin and I visited Paris since I came to Germany, last was on July 2012. From our place we need to travel by car for about 10 hours to get there, but this includes the breaks for eating, stretching or going to the loo and we never used the Autobahn or freeway so we could enjoy the more scenic views of the countryside of France.  This time though, we brought my mother-in-law and  my dog, Sietema, with us.  The purpose of this travel is to visit my brother and his family who lives there and to fulfill one of my mother-in-law’s dream, that is to see the Louvre!

Here are some of the pictures from our latest trip to Paris. I will be writing another article about travel tips and places to see in Paris soon!

Can’t see my video? Click here.




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