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ITALIAN TRIP 2015- Ca'Savio, Venice

Just wanted to share our recent vacation to Italy. It was actually our second time at Ca’Savio, Italy and the first was just last year, we enjoyed the place so much that we decided to come back and this time we stayed a bit longer.

Here are some of the highlights from our recent trip:



For a good start (and end), we went for dinner to the restaurant-pizzeria we discovered last year to verify that they have the best pizza we ever had…and it is indeed! The place was jam packed with locals and tourists alike, and it’s not even the peak season yet. I would say it is because of the great food with generous servings at really reasonable prices plus the nice ambiance. 

pizza and me



Another good reason for going back to this part of Italy is…SEAFOODS!!! Growing up in tropical islands of the Philippines, seafood is one of the things that I often crave for now that I am in Germany. So, while in vacation, I took advantage of having fresh seafoods (as opposed to frozen) available almost everywhere. Armin and I would go everyday to the supermarket that is so near our camping site to buy fresh seafood and cook them myself, usually grilled Armin’s current fave food is grilled pink salmon.

fish market
seafood seafoods

grilled salmon

They have such a wide range of seafood variety that some are also too exotic for me…like this one…




Our neighbors at the camp site, a super nice Austrian couple whose been coming  to Ca’Savio every year for the last 25 years,  told us that there is a big market every Tuesday in the neighboring town, Cavallino. Of course we went to have a look and they were not exaggerating when they said it was big…it took us some rounds to get around most of the stalls, where everything is being sold like bags, clothes, electronic stuff, kitchen wares and gadgets, fruits and vegetables. We came at around 12 noon which is a bit late because the market is open only until 1 pm but I was still able to some stuff (clothes of course) at really low price with needing to haggle for them.

open market

dried fruits


market 1


And like the last time, being so near, we visited Venice once again to see the other parts we missed the last time we were there. Here are some pics!

canal grande





gondolacanal in venice






italian ice cream



old building




Bebs here! I love to cook and try new things and DIY projects! And although I think of myself as a homebody, I like seeing other places from time to time.
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