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A walk at the Pfrunger Ried

My husband and I decided to have a walk one day to see how the Pfrunger Ried looks like at this time of the year. I asked him what is a “ried” and he said it is german for “swamp” or “marsh”. He also said that in the really early years they used to dig and harvest peat from these wetlands until it was forbidden in 1996 and is now a protected area for nature conservation.

pfrunger ried.25

Upside-down Lake


It is only about 10 minute ride from our place to get there and we spent about an hour and half walking around and taking pictures from the beautiful scenery. The whole  marsh area is about 2600 hectare, so we only saw parts of it. We saw some birds, like a woodpecker and some white herons. They also have beavers, too bad that we didn´t see them though along with other birds and animal that either migrated to warmer places or are hibernating at this time. So we promised to come back this spring or summer to see them. 😉


pfrunger ried.2

pfrunger ried.4

pfrunger ried.5

pfrunger ried.6

pfrunger ried.7

pfrunger ried.9

pfrunger ried.18

pfrunger ried.15

pfrunger ried.14


pfrunger ried.11

pfrunger ried.19

pfrunger ried.22

pfrunger ried.23

pfrunger ried.24

pfrunger ried.25

pfrunger ried.26

pfrunger ried.36

pfrunger ried.35

pfrunger ried.33

pfrunger ried.32

pfrunger ried.31

pfrunger ried.30

pfrunger ried.29

pfrunger ried.28

pfrunger ried.37

pfrunger ried.38

pfrunger ried.40

pfrunger ried.41

pfrunger ried.42

pfrunger ried.43

pfrunger ried.44





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