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DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert blogger, far from it! I am also still learning the ropes at the moment. I wrote this article so I can share my experience as a beginner as I know it could be overwhelming (and sometimes confusing or even frustrating) for those who are planning of starting a blog of their own. I would also like to document and share the mistakes, successes (hopefully) and failures of my journey with Foxy Folksy!     

How to start your own blog? That is the question! How did I start my blog? Hhhmmm... let's see...

The actual creation of a blog would  take just a couple of minutes but before we get on with the actual steps, you must know few things first otherwise you might be wasting a lot of time and probably some money. It is still best to be prepared with all the information you need before you take that plunge or else you might feel lost in the world of blogging. Here is a check- list I made after some months of research and personal experience from actually creating a blog of my own. 

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