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mid-lineMy husband and I like to travel or have road trips. Every year, if his  schedule permits it, we would go to Philippines to visit my family, friends and relatives and see some of the beautiful islands of my homeland. And on his shorter vacations we would have road trips to see other parts of Germany or Europe.

In this page you will have a glimpse of some of our travels and adventures and I hope it will also be a source of information and inspiration for those who like to travel like we do.

If you love my articles and  like to use my post and pictures on your own websites or blog, below are my requests:

Post text : should not be copied! Republication of my post may affect Foxy Folksy negatively in search results but it may be worse for the party copying it (Read about: duplicate content). 

Photos only : I will be more than glad to share them with you as long as you add a link back to the original post.   

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