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What to do with leftover egg whites?

A quick practical baking / cooking tip.

Last Christmas, my Schwiegermutter  (mother-in-law) and I made some bottles of Eierlikör, the german equivalent of eggnog, as giveaways. We had a lot of leftover egg whites and I, being practical, cannot find it in my heart to just throw them away. So what does one do with so many leftover egg whites?

Actually there are a lot of ways to use them, like make some meringue or marshmallow  or use it to make french macarons, coconut macaroons, egg white omelette or even angel food cake. But if you do not have the time or the inclination to do these at the moment, then this is what you should do:

1. Get some ice cube forms before separating yolks from whites.

2. While separating the yolk, let the whites fall into the ice cube form. In this way you know how many cube is equal to 1 egg white.

3. Place the form with egg whites in the freezer.

4. Once frozen, transfer the cubes in plastic bag or container and seal.

Egg white cubes

Egg white leftovers

So next time you need egg whites for a recipe, get some cubes and defrost them at room temperature before using.

I tried whipping a couple of cubes after being frozen for a week for making Brazo de Mercedes and the result was really good.


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