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Preparing pans before baking


Preparing Pans Before Baking

Most recipes call for the pans to be greased and floured prior to baking as this will prevent the cake from sticking to the sides and bottom of the pan. I have tried the greasing and flouring method and it worked fine for me…until I learned about greasing and lining method! It is more hassle free than the grease and flour method. For one, the cake will not have the added flour that will turn out as crumbs all around the cake when baked which could sometimes make a bit of mess if or when you are starting to frost your cake. Second, cleaning up the pans are much more easier as there won´t be anything left from the cake sticking at your pans.

All you need is butter or margarine, a brush, a parchment or butter paper, scissors, ruler, a pen or pencil and of course your pans.
Here is how it is done:

greasing and lining cake pans

First, place the pan on top of the parchment or butter paper.

Then, using a pen, trace around the pan to mark the shape.

Then cut out the shape.

Then for the sides, measure the height of your pan and mark it on the paper to make strips and then cut the strips.


Brush your pan with butter or margarine.


Flatten the paper to the bottom and then the sides.

greased and lined cake pan

That´s it!!!



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