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Filipino Egg Pie Recipe

Egg Pie is a classic Filipino dessert or snack. Try this easy Filipino Egg Pie recipe and enjoy the creamy, delicate yet firm egg custard in buttery, flaky crust that is perfect afternoon snack.

Try this easy Filipino Egg Pie recipe and enjoy the creamy, delicate yet firm egg custard in buttery, flaky crust that is perfect afternoon snack. | www.foxyfolksy.comI remember back in the days when we used to live next to a bakery, I would wake up to the wonderful smell of Pandesal baking in the oven!

It would be really nice if it was not at 3 o'clock in the morning though and there were times it was difficult to get back to sleep when you feel your stomach growling thinking of those hot pandesals with melting butter on them...hhhaaayy!

Even writing about it now makes me crave for those hot pandesals. Good thing I have a similar recipe, so maybe it's time to make some.

Another thing I miss from our next-door bakery is their Egg Pie! It is also one of their bestsellers, sometimes you have to order in advance if you want to have a slice because once it hit their stands then it is good as gone. So this means we usually get them fresh out of the oven and for me that is the best time to eat egg pie, while it is hot!Try this easy Filipino Egg Pie recipe and enjoy the creamy, delicate yet firm egg custard in buttery, flaky crust that is perfect afternoon snack. |

I tried a recipe I found online because the picture in it looks so similar to the Egg pie from our neighbor's bakery. The result was ok and it gave me the dark brown top I was looking for but I find it a tad too sweet for my taste and the custard was a bit too dense and firm, which is not bad if that is your thing, one good thing was it was really easy to cut.

But I want the custard to be a bit delicate or slightly wiggly like gelatin. Here is where my experience from making the Portuguese Egg tarts came to the rescue. 

So in the end, I used the same technique but changed the ingredients to make my own Egg Pie and it was perfect (in my humble opinion, backed-up by Armin's, of course!).Try this easy Filipino Egg Pie recipe and enjoy the creamy, delicate yet firm egg custard in buttery, flaky crust that is perfect afternoon snack. |

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Filipino Egg Pie Recipe

Try this easy Filipino Egg Pie recipe and enjoy the creamy, delicate yet firm egg custard in buttery, flaky crust that is a perfect afternoon snack.
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Course: Dessert,Snack
Cuisine: Asian,Filipino
Keyword: egg pie
Servings: 8 servings
Calories: 396kcal
Author: Bebs
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes



  • 1 1/4 cups flour
  • 1/4 block (1/2 stick/ 2oz./ 57g.) butter - - cut into small cubes
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2-4 tablespoons ice water


  • 3 large eggs
  • 1 large egg - - white and yolk separated
  • 6 fluid ounces all-purpose cream - or heavy-cream (See NOTE 1)
  • 6 fluid ounces full-fat milk - or evaporated milk
  • 1-1 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk - - depending on how sweet you like it
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract


  • In a mixing bowl mix together the flour, sugar, and salt. Cut in butter using the mixer by pulsing until mixture resembles coarse meal, with a few pea-size pieces of butter remaining. Add water a tablespoon at a time, pulsing until dough is crumbly but holds together when pressed. Press the dough together to form a ball.
  • Place the pie dough on a floured surface or on a rolling mat and roll it out thinly to a 14-inch round sheet. Gently fold the round dough sheet in half and then in a quarter. Place the dough on a 9-inch pie form with the pointed part exactly at the middle. Unfold the pie dough and gently fit dough into bottom and sides of the plate without tearing it. Using kitchen shears, trim dough to a 1-inch overhang; fold under, and press gently to seal. Crimp edges if desired. Refrigerate 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Preheat oven to 350°F/170°C.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine and whisk the 3 eggs and the separated egg yolk. Gradually add the condensed milk while whisking. Add the vanilla extract and continue whisking until all ingredients are well combined. Add the evaporated milk and all-purpose cream and mix well with other ingredients.
  • In a separate bowl, beat the egg white using an electric mixer until it forms soft peaks. Fold the beaten egg white into the mixture. (The beaten egg white will give the top of the egg pie a brown color after baking.)
  • Pour the filling on the refrigerated pie crust and bake on the lowest rack for 15 minutes at 350°F/170°C then lower the heat to 325°F/160°C and continue baking for 30-40 minutes or until the toothpick inserted in the filling comes out clean.



NOTE 1: You can skip the addition of cream and just add the same amount of evaporated milk.
NOTE 2: This recipe makes a light, delicate, jiggly egg custard. If you prefer a firmer custard, skip the cream and just use a total of 250ml of evaporated milk.
Nutrition Facts
Filipino Egg Pie Recipe
Amount Per Serving
Calories 396 Calories from Fat 153
% Daily Value*
Fat 17g26%
Saturated Fat 10g50%
Cholesterol 139mg46%
Sodium 416mg17%
Potassium 317mg9%
Carbohydrates 48g16%
Fiber 0g0%
Sugar 33g37%
Protein 10g20%
Vitamin A 695IU14%
Vitamin C 1.7mg2%
Calcium 224mg22%
Iron 1.4mg8%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
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Try this easy Filipino Egg Pie recipe and enjoy the creamy, delicate yet firm egg custard in buttery, flaky crust that is perfect afternoon snack. |




Bebs here! I love to cook and try new things and DIY projects! And although I think of myself as a homebody, I like seeing other places from time to time.
If you are looking for a recipe and it ain't here, make a request and I will try my best to make it for you!

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  1. Hi! Can you do 2 egg whites instead of just one? One egg white might not be enough if Kitchenaid mixer is used and I don’t have a hand mixer. I suppose I could use a wire whisk but that’s a bit of a work.

  2. The top of my egg pie becomes wrinkly when in the oven... and it doesn’t brown evenly .. do you know what the reason is?

  3. Hello. I really want to try your recipe especially after reading the comments but I have a few questions I need to ask to make the punishment for wreaking havoc in the kitchen worth it. So here we go. Is it okay to just use sugar instead of sweetened condensed milk? Do I have to make adjustments on baking time or temperature or something else? And if I use half all purpose flour and half cake flour, will it collapse or turn soggy?

    1. Hi Shai, sure you can use sugar instead of condensed milk just add about 3/4 to 1 cup of sugar (adjust as you like) and dissolved it in the milk completely, you can warm it a bit so it dissolves faster. Baking time should be the same but do the toothpick test just the same. Mixing APF and cake flour should also be fine.

  4. 5 stars
    Hi! I just made this tonight and I skipped the heavy cream because I grew up eating egg pie that are firm, so I wanted to make mine firm too like what I had from my childhood days. And I only used 1 cup of condensed milk and 250ml evaporated milk. And it turned out great, its not too sweet. My only issue is that I feel (taste) like the crust is salty for my taste buds. I will probably make it 1/2 tsp salt the next time I make it.
    Thank you for the recipe! ❤

    1. That is correct Syra, we are used to the sweeter dough but I like mine to have a bit of salt for contrast! Glad that you like it still and thanks so much for the 5 stars. 😉

    1. This is normally not a problem in our household because there is nothing to store. But you can cover and refrigerate it for some days.

  5. 5 stars
    Hi Bebs,
    Thank you for sharing your recipe. I've been using your recipe for a while now. And I'm so happy for the outcome but there are some point that my egg pie shrinks in the middle. I can't figure out where the problem is since i strictly follow the instruction everytime I bake. Please help. Thank you❤

    1. Hi Farrah, sometimes you have to adjust the time (or even the temp) because all ovens are not exactly the same (size and all). That is why it is important to check for doneness by inserting a toothpick. Maybe your oven was hotter that caused the filling to puff then deflate. It could also happen if you took the pie out immediately to a much cooler room. Next time try to leave it in the oven after turning it off for at least 5-10 minutes.

  6. Hi Bebs, I just made this and am allowing the pie to cool down so I can taste it. Unfortunately, my top created some bubbles. Any suggestions to avoid this?

  7. Hi Bebs I don’t have kitchen scale what’s the alternative I Usually have 454g of butter not sure how to cut it to get 57 g 😅thanks

    1. Hi Jinky, in this case, divide your block of butter (454g) into half, lengthwise. Put the other half away and then cut the other half left into 2. Then again take the half of that and cut into 2. This will give you 2 small pieces that should weigh about 57 grams.

  8. 5 stars
    Hi Ms. Bebs! Thank for sharing your wonderful recipes! I have tried your egg pie recipe and everyone loved it! So creamy and smooth. However, I wanted the side and bottom of the crust to be crispy. Do you have any tips on how to achieve that? Lots of love! ❤️

    1. Hi Zet, you can prebake the crust first without the filling if you want. You can cover the top with aluminum foil and put weight (beans/rice/etc) on it to keep the dough from collapsing or shrinking and bake until lightly brown.

    1. Sadly it is not the same thing. The cream will give the custard a more delicate texture but you can skip it still and add same amount of milk.

  9. Hi! After baking, it seems that my pie isn't fully set since the center part is still in a liquid state. When I make this recipe again, is it possible to add another egg to have a firmer custard? I don't want to remove the cream from the recipe though.

    1. Hi Danny, just bake it a little longer if it is really too liquid. Remember that custards normally firm up more as it cools down. But sure you can add another egg.

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