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Eating Healthy- The Raw Food Diet


raw foodAs I mentioned in my last post, a surprise was waiting for me when I got back from leaving Armin on his own for 5 weeks to spend some time with my family back home in the Philippines. Well, to my utter disbelief, my dear meat-lovin’ hubby turned into a raw-food-junkie. Well ok..maybe not so much of a junkie, because he still have a cheat day (or two) but he really means business, we even got this humongous juicer sitting on the kitchen counter to prove it! I might still be in a state of shock but I am so very proud of him. I am only glad that he is looking after his own health and choosing to live healthier. He started his raw food diet only last week of last month and changes are becoming notable, aside from him shedding about 4 kilos of weight in 20 days, I noticed how his skin is becoming clearer. He also had this pimple like rashes on his face from time to time, and we thought it was allergies but we cannot say exactly from what, but now they are almost gone.  

He got this idea from watching videos in Youtube and later reading the blogs from the Sundance Family by Ka and Katie Sundance. They are originally from Germany and now they are living their dream life in Costa Rica. Their story is very interesting that started when their second son, Jaro, was diagnosed with asthma, that is then they discovered the healing power of eating raw food. After just a week of eating only uncooked, unprocessed food, Jaro’s symptoms were gone. They stayed on the 100% raw diet for about 4 years and later on adjusted to a bit more lenient but still healthy -high raw diet. 

If you are interested to learn more you can visit their website or if you want to start your own raw food diet, you can get their e-book, The 70 Best Raw Food Recipes for the price of $14.99. Not bad I would say.

Although I have not totally converted and Armin is only about 80%, I also enjoy preparing and eating raw food. Who would have thought it could be so challenging!?  So, do not be surprised to see some good, healthy, no-cook recipes around here from now on.  



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