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DIY Project Autumn Wedding: Table Lantern Jars

table lantern jars (2)

In a previous post, I have mentioned that my friends (the English-speaking) and I are doing a series of ‘creative meetings’. Now what we are doing exactly is, we are helping our friend Hazel for their wedding decorations preparations. It is a major project if you think about it but it is also major fun! They are having an autumn wedding and it will be on the day of Halloween. How cool is that! So the main motif is, of course, autumn with a rustic touch and color theme is orange and some touch of brown. The bride wants the occasion to be as special as it should be. Most, if not all, of the decorations will be handmade by us, so it would have a more personal and intimate meaning both to the couple and guests. Oh and I am also honored to be making their wedding cake! Exciting, isn’t it!

Not one to waste an opportunity, I am (permitted) to write about how we are doing stuff and post it here in my blog. To start with, we collected a lot of used jars and will be using those mainly for the guest table centerpieces. From our collections we got three bigger jars and some small ones in various shapes. I thought we can use them to make table lanterns.table lantern jars (3)The first thing I like about this table lantern project is that it requires simple materials that you probably have at home or can collect while having a walk (like we did) around your hood.

lantern jars (1)

Another thing is that it is done at no time at all and with very minimal effort. I think it took me longer to light the candles because of our defective lighter!

table lantern jars (5)


Use them as table centerpiece in group but works also as solo. For the wedding, I think they will also be great for lighting the path of the main entrance if we can get hold of more of the big jars. If not, it would also be perfect to add life to the welcome table.

table lantern jars

Aside from these jars, we also did some paper flowers from crepe papers, table napkins and wrapping tissue paper (we call it Japanese paper in Philippines). I finished doing the boutonnieres, all ten of them and one bridesmaid bouquet as a sample, so I need to make three more and of course the main bridal bouquet. I will be posting more tutorials from these soon.




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