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DIY Project Autumn Wedding: How to make paper flowers (Part 1)

In this post, I will show how to make paper flowers, it is so easy. For Hazel’s and Martin’s wedding, these will be used as table centerpieces. We made a lot of paper flowers from our creative meetings, in various kinds, colors and materials. In these tutorials, I used regular crepe papers.

poppy paper flower



Red Crepe Paper

Green Crepe Paper

Tissue Paper (Black if available)


Floral wire


Steps 1: Cut a tissue paper (any color) into a rectangle or triangle. Fill it with rounded and flattened tissue paper. Paint it black and let it dry.paper flower.1


Step 2: Cut crepe paper in different sizes for the flower petals. Crumple them together and then unfold to original shape.

paper flower.2


Step 3: Hold the painted tissue paper at the base and start adding the smaller petals in opposite directions. Add the remaining petals from left to right overlapping the ends.

paper flower.3

Step 4: Bind them all together at the base, using floral wire. Glue the end of a green crepe paper at the base and twist it around the wire until you reach the end.

paper flower.4

poppy paper flower

To make paper roses, remove the center and start with rolling a smaller petal in the center then getting bigger as you add more until you come to the outer layer, about 10-12 petals.  Here is another one that is slightly different but equally beautiful and easy.

paper flower

paper flower.5


From these same steps, we were able to make different kinds of flowers just by changing the color, the shape of the petals and the sizes. Part 2 of this post will be a tutorial on how to make paper roses using florist crepe paper (never knew about this paper until we had this project). They require a bit more work than this one but they are so nice and elegant it is all worth it. Also on how to make tissue paper flowers, which is a lot easier and really fun!




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