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10 Filipino Christmas Recipe Ideas

Celebrate and enjoy delectable food this coming Christmas with these easy and simple Christmas Recipe Ideas. 

Celebrate and enjoy delectable food this coming Christmas with these easy and simple Christmas Recipe Ideas. | www.foxyfolksy.comChristmas is a big thing in the Philippines and Christmas Eve is usually celebrated with families gathering together for a Noche Buena, a family feast where delicious and most loved food are prepared to be eaten at midnight, usually after attending the midnight mass.  

We would like to share our collection of this year’s Christmas Recipe Ideas that you may want to add to your list for your Noche Buena feast. We grouped them into savory and sweet, covering both main dishes and desserts.  Enjoy!!!


Pork Hamonado

Get this recipe of Pork Hamonado that has a perfect balance of sweet and savory and with meat so tender, it melts in you mouth. | www.foxyfolksy.comBeef Kaldereta

Chicken Afritada

Try this Chicken Afritada recipe. A Filipino chicken stew in tomato sauce with carrots, potatoes and bell peppers. Simply delicious! | www.foxyfolksy.comPork Barbeque

Try this Filipino BBQ on Skewers. A perfect combination of sweet, salty, and sticky! | www.foxyfolksy.comShrimps in Chili Crab Sauce

Get this easy, delicious Garlic Butter Shrimp Recipe . It has a secret ingredient that makes the shrimps sweeter and tastier. |


Leche Flan

Learn the secret to a perfectly smooth and creamy Leche Flan. Get recipe here! | www.foxyfolksy.comBibingka Recipe

Enjoy this easy and simple Bibingka recipe, a classic Filipino rice cake that will surely bring you the Filipino Christmas feels! | www.foxyfolksy.comMaja Blanca

maja blanca recipeUbe Halaya

ube halaya recipeCassava Cake

Cassava Cake



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